Canny Ong

on Saturday, 28 March 2009

The f**king brutal culprit (Ahmad Najib Aris - hereinafter refer as Babi) has finally convicted of rape and murder IT analyst Canny Ong 6 years ago and he's to be hung to death. Bravo!!

A brief talk about the case.

6 years ago, Canny was abducted in Bangsar Shopping Complex (KL) parking lot and she was drove away by Babi to the Old Klang Road (KL) expressway. Along the journey, they met a plainclothes policeman where required both Babi and Canny to hand over their identity card. Canny attempted to signal the policeman however it was failed. Babi then fled away with the punctured car shot by the policeman. Babi later raped and stabbed the victim in her stomach twice. And yet, placed the dying victim into a manhole (a hole in drain) beside the expressway covered with a plank. The next day, Babi brought petrol and burned the victim in the manhole.

This is cruel cruel damn f**king cruel. A damn ridiculous comedy alike confession by Babi on the trial as below. (Translated into English)

"IT WAS about 11pm to 11.15pm on Friday, June 13, 2003. I had gone to the Bangsar Shopping Complex to seek someone whom I had wanted to take revenge on.

Once I reached there, I walked from the first to the third floor. At about 11.30pm, on the second floor, I bumped into the person whom I suspected was the one I was looking for.

I tailed the Chinese woman for about 20m while she was heading to her Proton Tiara. She opened the door next to the driver's seat and took something from the front passenger seat.

I pushed her and she fell onto the seat. I entered the car and sat on the driver's seat and verbally threatened her to be quiet.

She was trembling with fear but obeyed my instructions. I drove the car from the second to the first floor and through the parking boom bar and headed towards Subang airport near Saujana.

I stopped the car at a bright spot where many cars were passing.

I struck a conversation with her and tried to refresh her memory to find out if she could remember me. She told me she did not know me.

I then checked her passport and found out that she was residing in America. I became confused as I had abducted the wrong person, but who looked very much like my target.

I talked with her with the intention of letting her go, but a motorcyclist came near our car and started knocking at the door.

The Indian man flashed his so-called authority card and ordered me to hand over my identity card and that of the woman.

I asked him to show me his authority card again so that I could see it clearly. When he refused, it struck me that he might be an impostor.

When he ordered us to get out of the car, I feared something might happen, and when I asked the man to return the identity cards, he refused, and I drove off.

Before I drove away, the Indian man managed to puncture the front right tyre of the car. I drove towards Subang Jaya with the woman. I stopped at Subang Jaya Shopping Complex and got out of the car to find that the tyre was punctured.

I continued towards Sunway Pyramid and finally parked the car at a construction site near the Taman Datuk Harun KTM Komuter station where the woman and I had a quarrel. At that moment, I felt that our relationship was like that of close friends.

We sat in the car for about five minutes before I jokingly asked her if she wanted to have sex with me. She became very quiet. I then took a knife out from below my seat and put it on the speedometer without making any threats against her.

She then agreed to have sex with me. I told her to climb over to the back seat and I followed.

We engaged in a sexual relationship which I thought was with the woman's consent because she did not cry or show her anger. But shortly after having sex with her, I felt scared. I reached for the knife that I had placed on my foot. It was not my intention to stab her. She was wiping her lips with a piece of tissue paper and suddenly put up a struggle. I got a shock and stabbed her twice in the stomach.

I was stunned. I realised that she was still alive. Suddenly, I saw a man with a piece of wood in his hand coming towards the car. I climbed back to the driver's seat and drove to another spot nearby. There I helped the woman put on her pants and blouse.

I told her not to move a lot because she was bleeding profusely. We spent 20 minutes in the car. Fearing that I would be spotted by passing patrol cars, I carried the woman to a barricade next to the car. The (height of the) barricade reached me above my chest.

I placed her on top of the barricade and I sat resting with her. She was still alive then, and I told her that I planned to send her to a hospital.

Before I went back to the car, I tied her hands and feet and gagged her mouth so that she could not move or scream.

Just before that, I saw a van and a red car stopping beside the Tiara. I leapt into a manhole and peeped at the two men while they ransacked the Tiara.

About five to seven minutes later, the two men drove their vehicles away and I went to the Tiara. I saw that they had taken the woman's belongings such as her handphone and handbag, in which I suspected all her valuables were kept.

I was disappointed as I had intended to use her money to send her to the hospital.

Now, without the money, I could only keep her company where she was lying. I could not do anything except ask for her forgiveness.

I told her to go to heaven and pulled her down from the wall (barricade). She was almost lifeless (nyawa-nyawa ikan) by the time I shoved her into the manhole.

Before leaving her, I held her hand and apologised again. I told her I would burn her remains. She stared at me and just then the cloth which gagged her mouth came off. She told me to leave her alone. She said she would rather be left there as she was going to heaven.

I left her and covered the hole with a plank. She did not show any reaction. She did not scream or struggle.

I then drove the car about three kilometres and hid the car there. I walked towards a petrol station and threw the knife away.

I stopped a taxi and went home to Pantai Dalam. It was already about 6am to 6.10am on Saturday.

The next day, I bought two bottles of petrol and at about 11.30pm to midnight, I returned to the spot and removed the plank covering the manhole. I wept. I held her legs and hands and asked to be forgiven. I then sought permission to burn the corpse before leaving the scene. "

Jokingly asked if she wanna have sex??? What??!!?? Jokingly??? Jokingly????!!!!?? She agreed to have sex???!!?? Oh Babi, you have to be kidding me..!!

It's pretty obvious the confession is fabricated by him/his lawyer (yes, i'm warning those future lawyer. never help these kind of egg tart and bus tard.)? I'm really glad the Babi being impose to death penalty. He deserve to burn in hell!

Source - Bernama


~urfren~ jllow said...

he doesnt even deserve to be called babi la.. you are insulting all the pigs in the world...

if u say its fabricated by lawyers, i dont see how it can help in his case by saying like this lo.. lol.. must be a noob lawyer then...

darryl said...

i'm deeply saddened by what had happen at Bangsar 6 years ago, I was then Form 2 i suppose.

How could anyone sane do things like that to a human? one shouldn't take revenge even if she's one he knew who offended him. He doesn't have peace and love in Him, he doesnt have God.

may be he's just insane. some cases in the world have seen the murderer pleaded innocent just because they are admitted "insane", and fortunately this guy isn't..


tc said...

jl : ya.. i think the lawyer graduate some where in the local university.. LOL!!

ryl : he pledge no guilty but when convicted he said "i've expected this decision".. wtf.. ya.. he's insane.. u still can pawn him.. if got 5 insane.. then very hard lo..

[-sukyee-] said...

omg~~~I nearly forgotten this case ler and yes that convict doesn't even worth to be called an animal. Where on earth will a person asked a stranger jokingly to have something intimate with him together with that stupid knife on that speedometer!!!gosh!!!

cK2u said...

gotta agree with ur fren over there.. calling him babi is a real insult to pigs... he doesn't even deserve to be hung to death... perhaps barbaric punishment as those described by tat thing's religion suites him better *hint* things like stoning to death...

tc said...

sy : now u noe the world has such weird thingy.. lol.. i wonder how he asked jokingly "eh, beritau lu satu cerita lawak, nak seks ke?? hahaha.. aku joking aje la.. nampak pisau ini, lawak kan??"

ck : lol.. i tot u're cecilia.. now i noe u're ck instead... oh.. u mean their H-U-D-U-D law?? they need 4 male witnesses to prove she was rape.. they law very "fair" 1..

Anonymous said...

I wish he didn't get death by hanging. What the fück? That kind of punishment is TOO LENIENT!! He doesn't suffer at all (if the execution is carried out properly).

HOWEVER, perhaps someone can talk with the executioner, ie: make the rope too short, so that it doesn't break his neck and kill him. Instead, he'll be strangled and choked to death, and that will be VERY painful. Yeah... THAT's the exact punishment he deserves, although if it were to me, I'd rather lock him up in a filthy basement and cut of his fingers, one by one, one for each day that passes. Then I I'd break his knees and elbows, cut out his tongue, and let him go. Or maybe I'd keep him longer so he can catch disease and die slowly... perhaps even have fly maggots infest his wounds.

This guy got off lightly.

tc said...

well said.. this kind of animal should suffer more!

Anonymous said...

We still miss you Canny ...

Anonymous said...

wats wrong if the lawyer graduated from local uni?? people who said that is nt deserve 1 of us..shame on u..

Anonymous said...

Wtf. What a Damn animal. Rape say rape la what asking jokingly for sex. He will have his own karma. Next life sure no penis. Or children got no butt hole. F*ck this shit.

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