Interviewed by PhD candidate

on Thursday, 23 April 2009

Right after I read my previous entry comments, I thought of an interview abruptly.

About a month ago, a PhD candidate from the University of Nottingham has interviewed me about my blogging experiences. Frankly, at first I felt a little bit reluctant to be interviewed due to hectic schedule at the moment. However, a responsible person like ME has eventually accepted the interview.

I have been attended sort of interviews such as academic, clubs and societies position, scholarships, jobs and so on. But undeniably, this is the longest interview I have ever had in my life. It took me around 2 hours for the whole session but it was the most delectable interview because I can joke a lot without hesitation.

What really reminds me about the interview is comments from Darryl. Just to inform you that your comments has been monitored due to all kind of constructive comments you provided (constructive? LOL..). So, mind your words okay? (just kidding, you still can be as rude as joey.. hahahahahaa..!!!)

Another intriguing question was asked. "Why you use proper English in your entries while 'rojak' languages in you comments? I noticed a lot of odd vocabularies such as 'hamsap', 'sibeh', 'walao', 'gay'...."

"Oh, because of Joey."

All the best to Ms Ruth and I hope you can obtain your Philosophy of Doctor as soon as possible. Good luck!

p/s : someone please play my tic tac toe at your right hand side. It takes less than 3 seconds to beat you down.

Good News

on Wednesday, 22 April 2009


For over 40 years since the New Economy Policy (NEP) has been introduced, non-bumiputra (non-indigenous) have been disillusioned for 40 years. Yet, they remain silent and succumb to the policy. Because, it's taboo to talk about that publicly.

Thanks to the fiasco of the coalition in the 12th election caused an anarchy in the country. Now, dreams are no longer dreams. Leaders are now kowtowing to the people.

Today government has removed the 30% bumiputra equity condition in 27 services sub-sectors, with immediate effect.

Many might not concern for this but for me it's a good start for the people from different background to compete fairly.

Perhaps 30% bumiputra equity should be removed in toto in all sectors. As well as the "Quota" stuff that applied in many fields. Hope it will happen one day.

Stop regressing Malaysia!

Old & New

on Sunday, 5 April 2009

Old - Bon Voyage Acer, thanks for accompany me for 2.5 years.

New - Hello Hewlett-Packard, zw and I now are the same gang. :)

Old - Object Dock + Linux Theme + Feather Wallie

New - Rocket Dock + Stack Dock + Rainmeter + Rainlendar + 4 Seasons Wallie

Old - Truant!! (with excuse)

New - Truant!! (without reason)

I wan to inform you all, this guy up there possess a blog.
Sam blog!! Can you imagine that?? He really blog!!! lol!!

Old - Still young

New - ? (Come back and let me see any changes in you :p)

tc : *calling yah in s'pore*
yah : hello?
tc :
Happy Birthday!!!!

yah :
huh? what?

tc :
happy birthday la.

yah :
today is not my bday la.

tc :
is your bday la. 5th of april ma. *then check the date,it shows 4/4, ops!!*

yah :
today is friday!

tc : no!! today is saturday!! *was thinking way to cover my embarrassment*
yah :
k, today is saturday but not my bday!!

tc : er?? *creating story in my mind and thought of use it to cover the embarrassment*
yah : u wish wrongly!!! *shout*
tc : *suddenly my mind blank, forget the story i created!!*
tc :
ahahahahaahah!!! can i hang up now?? i feel so
yah : ahhahahahaha!!!

Ok, now I am the one who tell the whole story. =.=''
Happy Birthday to Ms Lim once again!!
Hope you will strive even better in your final.
This time no more mistake o.

Lastly, thank you pig that I meet only twice a year!!
I swear I will increase the frequency. Don't scold me anymore please, sob. T_T