Zodiac 2009

on Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lucky: Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Ram, Rooster, Dog, Pig
Not so lucky: Horse, Monkey, Rat

Ok, now I realized why am I so unlucky this year.

Let's look into the zodiac of Rabbit which is mine. Choi, say I accident.


The Rabbit is more comfortable with the Pig (which symbolises endings) rather than the Rat (which is associated with new beginnings). You will enjoy good luck, especially in love. But the luck element is missing in health and wealth-related matters.

Career: You’ll meet a strong lucky star that will help you when you’re in trouble. You may make significant progress in your career, and may even get promoted. Be warned that several unlucky stars around you could create obstacles when you’re close to success. Although you’ll make more money this year, be wise in how you use it. It’s not a good year for speculative investments.

Love life: The Rabbit is gentle, talented in art, cares for his friends and makes people feel at ease. The single Rabbit can look forward to an abundance of opportunities. Married Rabbits will find family life is great fun.

Health: Your health is under the influence of an unlucky star, and you may get hurt in an accident. You’re often in a bad mood due to lack of sleep.

Take note: Have enough sleep. Be careful while driving or crossing the road. Focus on your career and love life.

The rest are as below.


This is your lucky year; everything is favourable. You’re probably the luckiest of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. You’ll make significant progress in your career. Big money comes your way and you’ll enjoy good health.

Career: You have two important lucky stars. You could be promoted and can expect a windfall.

Love life: You’re not so lucky in love this year. The female Ox wants to bask in luxury, while the male Ox is in a foul mood. Relationships may turn cold.

Health: The Ox loves sports and healthy food, and rarely gets sick. In fact, the Ox will enjoy better health this year. The young Ox should not have too much of a good time lest he/she gets into trouble.

Take note: Remember the old Chinese saying: Never forget the hard times when you’re lucky.


You have no lucky or unlucky stars. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded. It’s a year of changes; whether these are good or bad depends on you.

Career: You have more chances to go abroad this year. You’ll impress your clients and co-workers with your performance. Your boss will appreciate your efforts.

Love life: There’s a lonely star influencing you. Married Tigers may have little time to talk to their spouse, so there may be a communication breakdown. Single Tigers can hardly find any new love interest.

Health: Young Tigers will have a common health problem this year. Old Tigers should take good care of their health because of two unlucky stars.

Take note: It’s an average year – the outcome will depend on your attitude. Work hard and don’t miss good opportunities.


It’s a tough year. Three big lucky stars are hanging over you but lots of small unlucky stars are around you, too. Double your efforts to ward off negative elements and you’ll achieve success. With a strong will and hard work, you’ll have a great year.

Career: With strong lucky stars smiling on you, you’ll have success in elections, exams and promotions. However, matters involving documents and contracts may lend you in trouble. Beware of rumours and gossip-mongers.

Love life: The single Dragon will be lonely most of the time. The married Dragon is likely to spend nights alone as your spouse is often away.

Health: You cannot sleep well at night. During the day, you cannot concentrate on your work. Make sure you have ample rest.

Take note: You’re vulnerable to accidents this year, so be alert.


This is a favourable year because there’s a big lucky star smiling on you although there are also several small unlucky stars in the corner. You can make steady progress.

Career: Arguments with co-workers will slow work down. You may disappoint your boss. Your co-workers might fight with you for a promotion. You can count on your lucky star to help you when you’re in trouble.

Love life: You’ll meet lots of small obstacles. The married Snake will quarrel with his/her spouse. The single Snake will find new love interests. Seize the chance or it will slip away soon enough.

Health: You have an unlucky star influencing your health, and may suffer poor health. It’s not a good time to travel.

Take note: Try to control your desire to shop. Spend more time with your family and play more sports.


You may be the one with the worst luck among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. You’ve no lucky star but lots of unlucky stars. Tread carefully.

Career : You may make major mistakes at work, so scrutinise contracts and agreements carefully. This is not a good year to make money. Avoid speculative investments.

Love life: The proud Horse does not want to get involved. The old Horse’s spouse is vulnerable to major illnesses. The single Horse may not meet his/her dream date.

Health: As you’re unlucky this year, avoid going to hospitals and funerals. Your health is not too good. You may not have energy left for anything unrelated to your job. Avoid unnecessary social events and take an extended rest instead.

Take note: If you have Ox friends, keep in touch with them as they could pass some good luck to you. Be cautious in everything you do, to avert disasters.


Generally, it’s a favourable year. You have three big lucky stars but several unlucky stars around you. So you can expect to face some obstacles on the road to success.

Career: This is the time for you to shine. Two lucky stars smile on your career. You should make significant progress and get promoted. Don’t be over-confident when you have achieved success. The salaried Ram may make more than sufficient money. It’s a good time for investments and new business ventures.

Love life: With the influence of two unlucky stars, the Ram is likely to have arguments with his/her love interest. But you get to know each other better and take your relationship to the next level.

Health: Watch out for signs of increased stress or burn-out. Take a good rest.

Take note: Although you may feel like a superhero, you’re definitely not one. Take precautions, like everyone else.


This will be a challenging year as all the lucky stars around you are gone. You’re likely to face problems alone.

Career: With the lack of lucky stars, the Monkey can hardly make any significant progress. Although you’re willing to do your best, it’s hard to satisfy the boss. Someone who dislikes you will spread rumours and gossip about you. People around you may misunderstand you. This is not a good time to invest or begin new business ventures.

Love life: You enjoy good luck in matters of the heart. The married Monkey will enjoy a peaceful family life. The Monkey in love will be in for a good time. The single Monkey may find a new romantic interest, depending on his/her attitude.

Health: You’re vulnerable to illness as you’re under the influence of a strong unlucky star. You’re accident-prone too, so be more alert. While walking on the street, be careful of things falling from the sky, which may hurt you badly.

Take note: The Monkey must try to follow the rules. Your foes may want to hurt you; don’t let them.


Opportunities await you this year. You should have good luck in career, romance and wealth. But you also have some unlucky stars.

Career: With three big lucky stars smiling on you, you should make significant progress in your career. You need not go out of your way to look for opportunities as they will come to you. If you do your best, you’ll achieve success. The Rooster loves luxury and works hard to procure a better life. A significant amount of money could come your way this year, perhaps an unexpected inheritance.

Love life: The married Rooster will enjoy a wonderful family life. The single Rooster should prepare to begin a new relationship. It’s a nice time for Roosters to get married and have a baby.

Health: If pregnant, the female Rooster must tread carefully. The male Rooster may have liver problems, so watch your health.

Take note: Talk less, work more.


You’ll enjoy good luck this year as you have two lucky stars. Your career and health should be fine. However, your career can drain you of energy.

Career: You’re likely to be promoted to a position of authority, owing to your loyalty to the company. However, you lack assistants to help you achieve greater success, and you need to work doubly hard.

Fortunately, the Dog is never afraid of hardship. With patience, success is possible. Meanwhile, you have two unlucky stars, so be cautious and abide by the rules.

Love life: The married Dog will find unconditional love within the family. The Dog in love may bring his/her relationship to a new level. The single Dog may find a new romantic interest.

Health: You should enjoy good health as long as you avoid stress-related issues.

Take note: Spend more time with your family. Be careful of being exploited or betrayed.


It’s an average year. You have a lucky star and several unlucky stars. You’re under the influence of the unlucky stars in the first half of the year. You may get off to a slow start, but the later part of the year will present better opportunities.

Career: You’re likely to get promoted. If you have your own business, chances are you could see an increase in sales or a decrease in debts. It’s not good to make speculative investments in the first half of the year. Do not gamble or buy lottery tickets. You must give up the habit of pursuing a luxurious lifestyle.

Love life: When it comes to love, you’ve the best luck among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Watch your step so you won’t be caught in the love trap.

The married Pig will enjoy a wonderful family life this year. The Pig in love will take his/her relationship to the next level. The single Pig has great opportunities to meet Mr/Miss Right.

Health: If you push yourself too hard in your money-making ventures, it could affect your health. You could fall sick or have an accident, especially if you’re involved in manual labour.

Take note: Get enough sleep.


You’re not as lucky as last year. There are several unlucky stars influencing the Rat. However, there are still eight favourable months ahead. Your luck in career and wealth is good, but not in love and health.

Career: You have a lucky star this year. Your boss will appreciate your talents and you will get the promotion you’ve been eyeing. But it won’t happen if you don’t fight for it. For merchants, bankers and sales people, you will make more than sufficient money.

Love life: Rats are not lucky in love this year. For married people, you’ll have frequent quarrels with your spouse. For those in love, it’s not a good time to push the existing relationship to the next level. Your love interest could have a change of heart. For singles, set aside some time for social life and you might find a new love interest, but do not expect things to develop rapidly.

Health: You’re vulnerable to accidents and diseases. Too much pressure and lack of sleep might lead to poor health. Go for an annual medical check-up.

Take note: Remember the old Chinese saying: Having good health is good luck.

quoted from thestar.com.my

Sibeh Bo Song

on Sunday, 25 January 2009

I remember in first day of CNY 2005, I was infected by chicken pox. Everyone was having their sumptuous meal and delicious cookies. And I was lying deadly right there for 2 freaking weeks! No visiting, No food, No entertainment, everything NO NO NO. Nevertheless, I was kicked out from volleyball team district tournament as well.

4 years after that, I am gladly to announce I am going to miss another CNY!! @#$^@%^

cw's fault! Asked us to believe ghost!! Talked about ghost and watched ghost movie in my room!! Now they haunt me liao!!!!

SIAM AR!!!!!!! I want to eat egg tart and pineapple cookies ar!! SIAM AR!!!!!!

*throw garlic*

yl said

on Friday, 23 January 2009

yl said, in order to get a new love one must forget and forgo their 1st love(should be the previous love huh??).

Thus, jy, jl, yl, and kw, please forget and forgo your 1st love!!

However I want to say,

(When we getting older)
(We don't)
(Cheers for life)
(Crazy for love)

Eye Test

on Friday, 16 January 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By cyrilo2jam at 2009-01-15

1. If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, the dots will remain only one color, pink.

However if you stare at the black '+' in the center, the moving dot turns to green.

3. Concentrate on the black '+' in the center of the picture. After a short period, all the pink dots will slowly disappear, and you will only see only a single green dot rotating.


on Sunday, 11 January 2009

That day I woke up around 10 in the morning. After some revision, I felt kind of weird because nobody asking for lunch though it already around 2pm. I went to their room, left hsien loong there. "Where are them?", I asked. "When out for lunch d", he answered and went to the washroom to wash his remaining clothes. I was reminded to look after the room.

*knock knock*

"Nobody inside!", I shouted as usual. Then I unlocked. Nobody came in, I thought it might be hostel officer. When I was going to check it out, 4 of them flocked in together with the birthday song rhythm. Gosh, that was really surprising! Thank you weng, loong, keat and gz(fei toi).

Celebration in hostel

Really unexpected because 10th Jan was our final exam.

The night I back to hometown, we headed to Kapar 15 miles for seafood for the belated celebration. Together with jy, kw, cw, yl and wk. Seafood with shell really sucks. LOL.


Thanks to everyone for the wishes, celebration and surprise. Special thanks to those who called from overseas. If you're candidate for next General Election, you will get my vote. TQ. :)

My mum and my b'day

Conversion of Scientific Calculator Model

on Thursday, 8 January 2009

I feel really unreasonable and ridiculous for banning Casio fx-570ms so called programmable Scientific Calculator in the exam hall. I've been using it since form 4 and gone through SPM and A-level examination. However, Teck Hong told me before that fx-570ms model is also not allow for A-level too. Just that, lecturers remain an eye closed.

Hah, who cares anyway. I've discovered a method to convert fx-350ms(allowable model) into fx-570ms(unallowable model).

1. First of all, press MODE and choose 2.

2. Press 1 and then M+(continuously until around n=82).

3. When EditOFF ESC appear, press 0 and then 2.

4. Press ^(up button, not the power button).

5. You will see Freq80=1, the key in 131313131313..... until the maximum.

6. Press = twice.

7. You will see EditOFF ESC again.

8. This time press 0 and then 1.

9. Lastly, press AC(red button)

Tada!! fx-570ms formed!! Bear in mind, never press on button or else everything will be reset back into fx-350ms. Now you can use fx-350ms model to double-check your answer.

Do your calculator know her Master?
Alright, fx-570ms actually has a pretty marvelous trick that not many of them know about this. Your name can actually appears in the calculator by these few steps :
- Press MODE and change it to BASE.
- Enter 47793 and press = (equal sign)
- Lastly press the ^ (power button)

Tada!! Your name appears!! Amazing right???

Methods to Upgrade Windows XP Performance

on Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sorry for Vista user. These methods have been experimented solely on Windows XP only. Vista and Vienna (pre-beta version) users please don't try this at home. :)

Do you get frustrated of your tortoise speed performance Windows XP. Windows system gets slow gradually. The performances of the system could be resuscitated by few methods instead of reformat it. It could actually optimize the usage of your memory and cutdown time consume for your system to react upon your request.

9 ways to improve your Windows XP :

1. Start - Run. Type in %temp% inside the column and delete all the files that appear in the windows pop out.
(To clear unwanted temporary files)

Start - Run. Type in regedit. Find

- HKEY_CURRENT_USER - ControlPanel - Desktop(click on it) - AutoEndTasks(double click and change it to 1) - HungAppTimeout(double click and change it to 4000)

- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - System - CurrentControlSet - Control(click on it) - WaitToKillServiceTimeout(double click and change it to 4000)
(To improve start up and shut down time)

Start - Run. Type in gpedit.msc. Find

- Computer Configuration - Administration Templates - Network - QoS Packet Scheduler - Limit Reservable Bandwidth(double click and choose enable then change the value to below 5)
(To lower the limitation of the bandwidth reserved/speed up internet speed)

Start - Run. Type in regedit. Find

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - Software - Windows - Current Version - Explorer - Remote Computer - NameSpace(delete both folder under this section)
(Speed up network neighborhood)

Start - Run. Type in regedit. Find

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - System - CurrentSetControl - Session Manager - Memory Management - Prefetch Parameters - Enable Prefetcher(double click and change to 3)
(Accelerate system startup speed)

Start - Run. Type in regedit. Find

HKEY_CURRENT_USER - ControlPanel - Desktop - AutoEndTasks(change to 1)
(Allow Windows to auto terminate not responding task)

Start - Run. Type in regedit. Find

HKEY_CURRENT_USER - ControlPanel - Desktop - MenuShowDelay(change it to 0)
(Shorten time taken for menu to appears)

Start - Run. Type in regedit. Find

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - Software - Windows - Current Version - AlwayUnloadDLL(double click on default and change value data to 1)
(Clear all unusable DLL files)

Start - All Programs - Startup(delete the unnecessary software which you do not wish to auto startup)
(Reduce to time needed for Windows to get-prepared)

After the customization, must not forget to reboot your system in order to enjoy the improved system. It will perform in light speed then. Those methods are harmless and there's no compensation for any breakdown. Any pique
or dissatisfaction you can just sue me.