Holi-Jolly Day

on Saturday, 30 May 2009

Yes, it's holidays right now! Today is the fourth day of my holidays and it is going to end soon! Time move slower, please!

Man Utd lost to Barcelona! What can I say? Man Utd really underperformed. Not only the players stress, even us the fans also stress. The reason is we were surrounded by Barca's fans! LOL! Went to Asia Cafe that night and I have never seen such huge amount of people before in AC. I think more than 100 tables added on that night. Very packed. Luckily zz got us a table but still we need to find our own chair. OK, it took me half an hour to get a chair.

yl, boon and I went to Damansara yesterday, and I found my prey!


We sent boon to job training after that.
tc : how long it takes?
boon : 2 hours only. *walk away*

yl : wan wait him ma?
tc : haiz, wait lo.

First 30 minutes, yl and I had our lunch and walked around.

Second 30 minutes, nothing to do already.

Third 30 minutes, became 'kit jia' (beggar) at road side. Every pedestrian thought we were 'kit jia' and squinted at us as we were 'kit jia'.

Cheou Chii Boon please REMEMBER this forever and ever!

Fourth 30 min
utes, still waiting! yl began his 'tueit meng zui wan call'. Call, call and call. 'Awhile more', boon replied.

Fifth 30 minutes, I fall asleep. Don't know what happen already.

Sixth 30 minutes, sleeping.

Seventh 30 minutes, I woke up and saw boon came out with a smiling face.

Pissed off. Tell me Boon, where can you find another friend that can wait for you for 3.5 hours provided no entertainment, no proper food, no chair to sit and have to 'mao kai'(squatted at road side). So these few days you know what to do lar?

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Asian Employer Review
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