on Wednesday, 25 June 2008

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How about yours?

These Days

on Saturday, 21 June 2008

Today Keng Wei and Joey came to Klang. So we have had our Bah Kut Teh again. lol. However, most probably this is the very last time for us to gather. Both are leaving to Aussie and UK respectively. Going to miss you both.

I asked Joey to call YiMing. He said can't get her. Hmm, when I look at his hamsap face I know he just wish to have a peaceful breakfast with his honey whywai. After that I asked why he wearing cap, he said cannot let people know monk eating Bah Kut Teh.

Watched Hulk in Pyramid. He really use Hulk Smash. Like what I did in Marvel vs Capcom(PS). And the guy cannot have sex, because when he get excited he will turn into hulk. If he really do, then really unimaginable, pity the girl. Very nice movie indeed. But the ending implies there will be 3rd edition. Should be Hulk with Ironman.

Boring days. Everyday watch sunrise and sunset. Missing those days. Those memorable days. Haiz. How come it become like this?

Last day to see my hair. Going to cut tonight. Become a monkey.


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Firefox 3


on Monday, 9 June 2008

The Legend of Sony Ericsson

Think of few years back, I not really fond to SE because I have used Nokia for such a long time. However, there was a SE fanatic(whywai) spread his aura amongst the youngsters, influenced and brainwashed us. His effort really works.

Days ago, I successfully persuaded Kee Ball get his brand new SE. Feel so proud. I seem carry on whywai obligation to spread the prophecy. *Grin*

Alright, let's check out the SE holder.

KeeNam's SonyEricsson K770i

Jovie's SonyEricsson K550i

MeiSing's SonyEricsson W880i

KengWei's SonyEricsson W610i

ZhengWei's SonyEricsson W810i

YorkKun's SonyEricsson W800i

Gabriel's SonyEricsson W580i

Dennis's SonyEricsson S500i

My SonyEricsson K810i

Rabbit's SonyEricsson K800i

Did anyone know my phone has a name? She's my dear Samantha.

Check out yours.

Jobless Day

on Thursday, 5 June 2008

Jobless. Yesterday I drove my car in a heavy storm night. Couldn't really see clearly. Then I saw a black shadow like AE-86 drifted in front of me in speed of light. Almost bang it and I die. =.=''

Today went to Taylor's Business School. Invited for this Youth Entrepreneur's Day(YED) by friend. Unexpectedly, the leng lui rate dropped drastically. Maybe only applied to TBS. Somehow I still saw a cute girl. Slurp. If you don't have strong willpower, I bet you would loss a fortune by dropping into the trap of those sweet sweet girls. Only happen on Hamsap Joey. The rest all safe.
Too stress spending in YED(one of the food - 4 bucks for 2 JELLY?!!), we headed to greenbox to de-stress. Saw a special sign board.