Ice Again

on Thursday, 31 December 2009

We are back to the ice rink!

It seems to be an annual event for us, the ice skating fanatic.

We celebrated Christmas, Shiun's Birthday and New Year all together. 3 in 1, good for my pocket. This year only 3 of us, one in the States and another one at home.

He touch my breast, the girl behind jealous

I didn't know it was school holiday and the ticket was quite pricey. However, when I got into the ice rink, the price became reasonable. So many hot girls that day! Wohoo!! Too bad my flirting skills have been deteriorated since JL and KW were not around.

"That girl hot?", Shiun said.
"No, that one hotter", I replied.
"Huh, What!?", she shocked.

She told me guy and girl has different point of view when comes to hot girl. But when comes to guy...

"That guy so yong sui(ugly)", I said.
"Ya lo", she replied.


Ah Boon going back Sabah next week. I think the next time we can meet each other will be half a year later.

halo mister, don't block my way la!


Broga Hill

Such an awesome holiday!

Back in year 2006, a bunch of college's students have been to this little village namely Broga New Village to organize a camp and I was one of it. The very first time I stepped into this village, I was stunned. The amazing scenery around Broga's outskirt, greenish hills and azure blue sky combine into one. Just like a piece of painting artwork!

"You can hike over there", I was told by the villager there. *pointed to the peak of the hill*

3 years later, I'm back to this place. Yes, hiking!

Our main purpose was to see the sunrise, so all of us got up 3am in the morning for preparation. Departed on 4am from Bandar Botanic Klang and reached by 5.30am at Semenyih. Thanks to Global Positioning System (GPS).

We stopped by in a palm oil estate. It was really dark but there were already a lot of people over there. I would say mosquitoes repellent is a must!

Dark Route

Let's hike!

5.45am we started our journey. Lit up the torch and moved. I have no idea where were I going but just follow the trait. If there are junctions we would just "kikiki peng peng". Arrived the 1st peak in 30 minutes. Well, nice view but too crowded. So we proceeded our journey to 2nd peak and furthermore to 3rd peak. Our dear friend Mr Alex vomited out of sudden. LOL! Everybody just gloated! I was shocked because I'm just 2 steps behind him.

I hereby salute Mr Alex because he can vomit no matter in what situation.

After few minutes rest (specially for Mr Alex), we went on to the last peak (4th peak). We seem to be the second team to conquered the 4th peak.

6.30am, 45 minutes to reach 4th peak. The feeling was SUPERB!

At the 4th peak

The sky turned dawn slowly. The birds were singing, the bugs were hiding (from the birds), and the sun rose.


We then back downhill and captured every wonderful views.

2nd peak

3rd peak (behind are 2nd peak and 1st peak)

Oscar awards


It's a nice trip after all and I am sure I will do more hiking in the future. Klang Gates, Mount Tahan and Mount KK please wait for me!

Information for Hikers :

How to Get There - The best landmark is Nottingham Malaysia. Notts Malaysia is on your left hand side, drive 2 minutes further and you will see a "Rabbit Fun Land" on your right. Stop there and park your car at the road side. The entrance is just opposite the "Rabbit Fun Land".

What to Bring - Mosquitoes Repellent, 1.5 litre water, torchlight and some food.

Merry Xmas

on Friday, 25 December 2009

What a peaceful Christmas Eve. An auspicious night that makes me feel so pleasant. Deep in my heart.

I have relinquished the conventional way (countdown) to celebrate Christmas this year because my last phone was lost in a crowded place. I hate these places.

I am having holiday! Yes, it's holiday but pretty short.

I reached home about 2am yesterday night. I was in lethargic mode because only slept 2 hours the day before. I saw a car. Huh? *wipe my eye* I really saw a car! I got new car in my house. LOL! Yes! Now I can flirt with a car, and I can fetch girl into a horrendous jungle in the middle of the night and see jumbo elephants and crouching tigers. Happy #1.

Got a new jeans! My sister chosen and reserved a jeans for me before she left to Singapore. I just picked up from the shop. I really have no idea how to choose a suitable apparel. Fortunately I have this "fashion consultant". Thank you so much! Happy #2.

I have 3 younger foster sisters, 1 elder foster sister and 1 foster brother. Normally people will criticize about this. Mainly due to jealousy. The eldest foster sister got married last few months. So happy finally she has someone with her (no need kacau me anymore). And I just celebrated one of my closest younger sister birthday today. The same day as Christmas. Nice, because I can celebrate both together. haha. I will travel to Bangi New Village to visit another younger sister and brother during CNY. Suddenly so miss them. Going to give them a big surprise! ^^ Happy #3.

Went to the obscure I-City to have a look at the dainty Xmas's decoration. Wow, a lot of LEDs' trees and a lot of LEDs on the trees. That's a difference on the statement, it's not a typo. Very simple decoration but somehow quite beautiful. Light Emitted Diode (LED) is one of the most power-efficient electronic devices. I predict that fluorescence light will be replaced by LED in the near future. Television and computer's LCD screen will also be replaced by Organic LED (OLED). Please believe me because I am the inventor. Happy #4.

Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) has released the result yesterday. My brother got 7A's. Well, quite surprising result because DotA was his books for the pass few years. I think my mum feel really happy because she got another "useful" kid beside me. haha! I think jy feel happy too if he know this. So, I rewarded him some cash for making my mum and jy happy. Happy #5.

I need to get back to university in advance because I have two ongoing competitions which is Robotic and Infineon. I have no confident at all for both competitions because I am a fresh meat which Pudge likes the most. I only have a small wish. I wish I could make it into National Team for robotic and get first place for Infineon. LOL! I just want the money!!!! If this would happen then it would be Happy #6.

Wow, didn't realize this entry is so long.

And I thought of you too Ms Ruth! I would like to convey my heartiest greeting to you and your husband if you were reading this! Merry Christmas! Hope your research goes well!

Merry Christmas to all the readers! I know you love me. ^^

P/s : Please text me your number if you haven't do it because I lost my phone and all the contacts. It's so hard to recover back all the contacts. T_T


on Friday, 18 December 2009


Pain Pain Pain Pain Pain


My mother asked me to drink some milk but gastric patient shouldn't drink milk.


Please read yourself, I have no energy to type. :(

Don't drink milk when you have Gastric