on Thursday, 29 May 2008

Well, I think you're right.

Chee Wei and Kee Nam are the best examples.
Choosing INTI wasn't a mistake however the way lived in it encountered some problem.

Thanks man. You always provide me the best motivation.

* * * * *

Apparently I've messed up myself.

Suddenly thought of one of my Indian colleague name Dinakaran told me "Never blame in Fate, but be Faith to decide your own Fate"


on Monday, 26 May 2008

So weird.

Just now jiayi's mum called me, asked how's my university application. I told her, not yet receive any reply. She keep asking how? What is your other plans? Got backup? A lot a lot. Then she told me, my cousin just got JPA scholarship to US.

Night time my uncle came to my room, asked how's my studies. I told him, not yet receive any reply. He keep asking the fees how much? Where to get the amount of money? Saving enough? A lot a lot.

I complaint to him. I asked, why as parent you all never think of your children future education? Why don't even save 1 cent for my studies? Do you guys expect all of your children to be that smart to get a scholarship every time? I hate.

Ended up I get scolded. He said I cannot blame my mum.

* * * * * *

That day, I remember we were chatting in the office about a student everyday drive luxurious car to college. Then kar jun said these in Cantonese sadly, with a little bit of tears when he finished it.

为什么有些人天生富贵,上学都开BMW; 我们却在公司死命打拼,为了那区区的千多块,供车吃饭。

I mused. Me too, I feel the God so unfair. Why people can have dinner happily with all of the family members while I have dinner alone? Why people can have 3 meals per day with different hot dishes while I have maybe 1 or 2 or 3 meals per day with the same cold dishes from the morning until the night? Don't know why.

This is Fate.


on Saturday, 17 May 2008

This is one of the clip from one million star knockout section. There was only a Japanese contestant out of the 200 chosen from Japan. However she lost badly, due to her poor pronunciation.

Check out what have Tao Jing Ying(emcee) done after she has been knocked out. lol..


on Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The Place
Awana Genting Highland Golf and Country Resort, I always think that this is a lame resort because it don't even reach top of the highland. Must be 30 Celsius above. Despite of having 2 days very precious annual leave, I was threaten by Yew Leong to there to have 3 days 2 nights vacation. Want to rest at home also cannot! Why I go? Because he said, "next time go ktv dowan jio u". =.='' @#$%^%

Accommodation - RM0 (3 days 2 nights). It's a 2 rooms suite. Normally charge about RM345 per night.

The room is incredibly big. Can accommodate up to 20 people. Some more have Jacuzzi. lol. There were only 4 of us staying in such huge and eerie.

Anyone heard about the story which a girl dead body was found underneath the bed sheet? When we were trying to move our bed sheet, we found this.

Blood spots on the mattress!!
Everyone got nervous when saw that. On the first night, nobody ever dare to sleep on the mattress.

Actually we killed one of our friend. Because he ate my maggie cup!!
Victim - Mohd Chong Han Loong

Our dinner. RM23. Finish dy sure still feel hungry.

Lust Caution on air.

The proud

The disappoint

Obedient worm..!!

Tiger Hor Thong Chin. Yes. I score!

Part 1 done. Part 2 I'll show you all what is Hamsapnessm culture in Genting. As hamsap as joey. See ya.

Letter of Resignation

on Sunday, 4 May 2008

It has been 4 months I put myself into a stressful circumstance and finally I have went through the hard times. I'm going to break my rice bowl soon. This is not a hasty decision however it's well-planned which I had the intention to leave this hectic yet dreadful place since the first month. Haha.

When I was trying to type my letter of resignation, I just realised that I have no idea how's the letter look like. The template nor the format. Totally no idea. First time resign. lol.

Ok. I browsed through the web to get some information, surprisingly I found these samples that really 'useful'.

If you wanted to resign but you don't wish to talk too much

Resign in the softer way

Make your boss feel that your leave is a loss to the company

Kao Kao Lat give him!!


on Thursday, 1 May 2008

Hereby, I wish to inform every single of you that I am fine after this freaking pathetic 30 hours.

Never expected most of you reacted in such way and thank you for the warm concern.

Thanks for being around throughout the upset moment, thanks for consoling via sms, mail, phone call, instant messaging, face-to-face.

Never forget the jokes, though I not really laugh.

At least I smile deep in my heart, because you have me in you.

I'll move on.