East Coast

on Monday, 16 February 2009

We shall meet again around end of June, East Coast!

jl, you're invited.


on Saturday, 14 February 2009

The song you gave reminds me of you.
I just couldn't let go,

Happy Valentine's Day


on Friday, 6 February 2009

During my birthday, he called all the way from UK and wished me.

During his birthday, he called all the way from UK for me to wish him.


Everyone is free to call him at +447598945270. Don't forget the 7!!

Happy 21st Birthday Joey Choon!
You are always the gay-iest!!
And stop supporting Chelsea please!!!


on Sunday, 1 February 2009

An auspicious omen right before the CNY made me really anticipate for it. I think this year is one of the greatest one.

It was an unfortunate first day when my flimsy body couldn't bring me out from the bed. As mentioned in the previous blog. But! But!! In the night time, when the lunar beam lighten the land. I felt the power of the Lycan, and I transformed! Wooooo~~~~~ Actually it means I've recovered.

Despite the world economic slowdown, this year AngPao's (Red Packet) amount were exceptionally so much larger than the previous year. My humble explanation for "larger" means sibeh little! (Safety precaution, avoiding from robbery)

Being a non-filial boy, I have stayed at home for less than 8 hours daily and met my kith and kin for less than thrice. However I don't think they noticed my existent.

I spent most of the time with my fellow friends. This year we've made some changes on our visitation. We cutdown the numbers of visitation and made it specifically for close friends only. I think their parents love us. Cause our mouths damn sweet.

"Aunty you look young!"
"What aunty! Call jie jie!"

Gamble until 4am was one of the unforgettable night. Of course I were not playing. They ridiculed a guy that did not gamble and drink Pepsi instead of booze. I helped cw to handle his cards with 10 bucks capital.

"Loss is mine, win we share", cw told me.

Sounds great right? But I was quite lucky. I only loss 10 bucks and I never win more than the capital. Told you all, ONCE GAMBLE SURE LOSE!

Oh, not forgetting the little mishap when Sam and I visited Bangi. We almost get listed in Ops Sikap XIX death statistic table. Please drive carefully, think about your loves one.

Today everyone leaving. Kinda sad and hope to meet you guys again.

Have a great year ahead and Happy Chinese Niu Year to everyone.

p/s : jl, they ki siao wanna go your house. lol!