Small World

on Thursday, 27 November 2008

It was a microcosm of mine. Which the days I enjoyed the most in my life.

The place is part of my puzzle. I think I have left the place for dozen of years. Current life and nuisances certainly irk me a lot, this reminds me about my young days that only consisted of joys. I have never cried from the day I entered the kindergarten until I left it.

A : Hey, do you know we are from the same kindergarten?
me : Is it? I don't know.
A : Yea, we definitely from the same kindergarten. I've a video of yours. Mickey Mouse. *grin*
me : er...

Yea, I have performed on the stage before. As a Mickey Mouse. Kids on those days enchanted with Mickey Mouse what. However, I think that was the stupidest performance in my life. My face was covered by a mask. How could A recognized me in the video?

I was a gutsy boy. My mum told me that.

Mum : Hey, do you know you were a very naughty boy in kindergarten?
me : Where got, don't simply accuse me la.
Mum : Last time you toppled the study desk when your teacher argued with you.
me : er...

I can't imagine I did that before. Hmm, quite amazing but I really couldn't remember that. One thing vividly appears in my mind is I wooed a girl. A girl!! I was 6 years old, and I gave her blood-red rose(steal from somewhere in the house). Thus, I realize that I have an innate ability inherit from my leng zai father.

I went back to the place. I took a picture. I keep it as my precious one.

That was me. :)


on Wednesday, 12 November 2008





祝汝 生日快乐