on Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Tonight, moody.

Feel like crying, I hold my tears, but, it dropped.

My mind, blank.


I hate myself for being a useless son, boy, cousin, and friend.

Sorry mum, sorry aunt, sorry jy, sorry everyone. Sorry~

I apologise for the disappointment.

Nothing left. Nothing.

Mary Have a Little Lamb

on Sunday, 27 April 2008

I really freaking sweat of the conversation between Mary and Steven.

Mary : My sister not in the apartment, I've no key to open the lock.
Steven : Huh, then how?
Steven : Go my house la, I very 'sui bian' (easygoing) one.
Mary : Haha.. (I also =.='')

*Mary called sis, then we went back pyramid take key from her sis, after taken the key..*

Steven : Then now you alone lo?
Mary : Ya lo.
Steven : So danger o. I go your house la.

*tc ke po chap zui*

TC : You go even more danger.

Being a light bulb wasn't a easy job. However, the payback was a free haircut. The saloon boss said, don't worry I sure cut until you satisfy. Ended up hairy on one side and bald on the other side. !@#$% Tomorrow don't know how to face my fellow colleague.

Between, SAME FEEL? This one?? LOL..

p/s : Jin Liang don't rebut with me. Since our friendship is most important.

Christian Name

on Friday, 25 April 2008

When I passed by rylryl's blog, I saw something that cause a little bit flash back in my mind. I think this is a very special yet created a laughing topic of this gang of people.

Let's get started for the introduction,

Curry Quah Zheng Wei

Arm Choon Jia Yi

BahKut Tey Keng Wei

Char Siew Vyei Keith

Kopi Oh Teck Hong

WatTan Hor Thong Chin

This is the one that we couldn't figure out what exactly suit him. So, i suggested..
What do you say?

Ng Ng Ming Jie

This one even special. After reviewed for few months, i realise that the Christian name should be added to behind instead. But I have no idea at all. Hmm, how le??

Chow Chee XXX

No Offense Lor. Haha. His name's fate is in your hand!!

Oh ya, never forget to introduce a friend of mine to you all. This guy used to help joey to do translation in my previous blog. The username is "urfren". Let me unveil his real identity.

Battery Low Jin Liang

Mayday JUMP 08

on Thursday, 24 April 2008

Days ago, I felt really disappointed because I don't stand a chance to Mayday concert. Again. However, miracle happened. Sam called me at 11pm night invited me to the concert. He got free tickets! (Don't ask why, this is P&C)

Kinda funny. The concert was on 19th April (8pm) and we got tickets on 18th April (11pm). What could I say, I felt hysterically excited.

Rushed to Genting Highland in the other day. Only 2 of us taking Genting Shuttle.

Notice the price?

Reaching to destination

Surprisingly, we met Priscilla when we were on our way to hotel. Therefore, we dated after the concert together with Dennis. They both working at Genting. Sounds cool. By the way, have to say Thank you to Dennis for treated us dinner or supper, whatever la.

8pm sharp, concert began! With a short video, on a huge white cloth, cover the entire stage.

Then the white cloth suddenly dropped. Really shocked. I thought it will pull up. =.=''

Fuyoh, started with 'wu zhuang'.


Singing 'tian shi'

Dennis said he heard the song(from his 17th floor hostel) and he recognised it. He said "last time the f**cker zennway and keng wei always blasted this song". LOL.

monster and ashin


Concert ended

Dolphins in 'si ben dao yue qiu' mv

this siaokia's ticket got signature

Imported from taiwan

The atmosphere can best be describe as HIGH. However, my seat there were not really as high as behind due to we were just behind VIP seat. Those ah pek, ah ma and babies(real baby, not hot chicks) don't why attended this concert. Cool down there boiling temperature over there. Sigh.

Ended stayed overnight at Genting and take emergency leave 'ponteng kerja'. lol. so jingak.

New Blog Under Construction

on Sunday, 20 April 2008

Dude, i would like take some time to do some research about it before shift my blog here. Your patience is highly appreciated. Thank you.