Chef of the Day

on Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Today I going to teach everyone how to cook special noodles with limited ingredients. hehe. Since I were starving just now, I have to cook or else I will starved till death. After looking for ingredients, I realised that my house got NO meat. Thanks to my vegetarian family, totally ban all meat.

First of all, prepare these stuffs.

egg, taopok, chili paddy, noodle, orange

2ndly, cut the stuffs

My phone rang, an old lady asked "哈罗,我是中国小姐,你要小姐吗?" (Hello, I am China girl, do you need any girls) girls =*prostitute

I thought which sampat person then I replied "DOWAN!". Then she laughed. That was my aunt. =.=''

My aunt said coming to my house later. I continued my cook.

Throw everything inside the pan

Don't forget to add salt, soya sauce, pepper, and vegetarian oyster sauce.

Pour everything out from the pan

Squeeze some oranges juice into the noodles. Please use some oranges to cover the ugly part too. I devoured everything within 5 minutes. Well, look nice but no taste. Anyhow, feel so full.

Later on, my aunt reached. She brought a lot of delicious foods. =.=''

Lastly wanted to wish Sam Ang and Jenna Yeoh, Happy 20th Birthday!! ah pek and ah saam.

I'm half happy?

on Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I am half happy, I am half sad. This is what we called mixed feeling that killing people.

I am happy. I have finally became an official HSBC scholarship holder. This is the first time I successfully secured an essay-based scholarship. I have done my homework prudently and taken everything into account before the interview. I have consulted Shi Yah and Chee Wei about their experiences and I have tried my very best to impress the interviewers. I made it!

I am sad. I still have to stay in this tedious school. Which I ultimately hate it. Consequently, I shunned every topics that regarding my school because I don't like to talk about it.

Most of the companies turn me down. I reckon I will not have the chance to leave this place. Sigh. I have received offer, I have accepted the offer, I can't go. I envy, I envy, I envy!!!

Google Chrome

on Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, Google has finally unveiled their beta version of web browser - Google's Chrome. With the jumping of the giant search machine into the open source browser market, apparently causes vehement contention between IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Chrome possesses simple design but sophisticated technology enable the web to be faster and consume less memories.

The Beta version is now available to download through HERE.

Click COMICS for more information about the newly launched browser.

Speed test: Google Chrome beats Firefox, IE, Safari

Well, we will see whose the winner when the final version released.

2 weeks

on Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Actually this post consists 3 different entries which I have deferred for 2 weeks. Due to, laziness. Muahaha.. So, I have to shrink all of them into 3 in 1 coffee. Not funny right?

Volume 1 - Malacca Summer 8 Live Concert
Yeah. We the "Klang Gang" went to Malacca for the Summer 8 Live Concert. Well, before that we backpacked around Seremban and I saw 2 places that I should attach with pictures.

Teckie's clinic? Darryl's School??

By the time we reached Malacca, our very kind-hearted + very dreadful driving skills the ambassador of Malacca - Lim Wei Yi led us to the first destination - Satay Celup. Follow up by Jonker Walk where we classified as Leng Luis Walk.

How many sticks we have over there?

The next day, Wei Yi abandoned us and went to KL for Yeen Shuang them. Am I too cheap for him. Sob. We stayed overnight at another ambassador of Malacca - Wee Tat's apartment. The night we waiting has arrived.

The stage so far~~~~~~

Lastly, travelled around the historical city and eat fishballs.

We ordered 100 fishballs.

Volume 2 - The Hamsap Joey's Farewell
Finally, this guy leaving. He invited us to his farewell party which originally organised for his kith and kin. Three reasons I am going. First, for the scrumptious dinner prepared by his mom. Second, for Jasmine(his cousin). Third, most importantly for Joey lo.

Well, I heard 2 disillusioned news when I reached Joey's palace. First, his mom dishes finished. Second, Jasmine went out. =.='' Joey shattered my crystal-heart abruptly. However, I picked up every single pieces and sticked it back. I remain silence, I just couldn't speak out that Joey is the only one in my heart. The first 2 reasons were just a fake excuses. wahaha..

All the best my domestic partner

Hope Joey will forget about Chelsea and start supporting Nottingham Forest before he get sodomised by the fans over there. Meet you in UK if there's miracle.

Volume 3 - 51st Merdeka
Right after dinner in Joey's palace, we actually proceeded to The Curve for the Merdeka countdown. This is the first time and will be the last time I have my countdown at The Curve. What a letdown. Since it was kind of sensitive issues, so just brought over like this.

31st August 2008

I am a apolitical person. I don't mind which party warring with which party. As long as we can live peacefully then I am satisfy enough. Lastly, Happy 51st Merdeka Malaysia. :)