Nihongo Matsuri

on Sunday, 27 July 2008

It has been the 2nd weekend I not being at home. It's damn a serious matter. People might think I am exaggerate, but the reason is I going to have a 3 weeks of unwashed clothes.

This week I went to Universiti Malaya for the 3rd Japanese Language Festival. It was an event mainly about Japanese language and also various of J-culture workshop. Participants came from schools and varsities around the Klang Valley area.

First time entering UM then lost inside. The place is really huge which I heard it covered a large scale of land from KL to PJ. Sounds impressive huh? But still out from top 200 in THES-QS ranking. No offence, just providing readers some information. Xp

I visited Chee Wei in his hostel. He complained about his lecturer pronounced 'donate electron' as 'doughnut electron'. He thought the electron is in a shape of doughnut.

I met plenty of nuisances that keep on showing off their Japanese. I also know 'Gambatte' and 'Yamateh' la, but I never show off.

First day I attended Japanese language class for dummies. Yea, everyone was novice like me. Frankly, I felt boring. Firstly, we sang the Japanese song again and again. Secondly, no leng lui there. *broken heart*

Second day. A lot of workshops provided such as Go, Origami, Yukata, Odori, Obentou, Aikido, Karate, and lots more. Actually I forget the names already. My friend and I were assigned randomly into the Odori workshop. However, we infiltrated into the Yukata workshop. Fortunately didn't get evicted since I got 'line-man' inside as instructor. This is the advantage to get to know more people.

Kawaii desu ne!!

This is Yukata(bath clothes) a Japanese summer garment.

Event ended shortly after the workshop. I dragged my tired butt back to the stupid place again. Sigh.

Back in INTI v2

on Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Slept very late, woke up late. Wanted to have brunch, so I gave a call to CC. Unexpectedly, she went out! CC put me falcon jet. Sob. Jovie 100% have dinner with gf, so i decided to forgo the idea of invite him.

Thought of my foster sister in Nilai UC. What a delectable news, I met her there. All thanks to Jovie who fetched me there. One more time, I rided another 'Eight King Car' and had lunch outside. Nilai UC provide FOC bus services. It was a gruesome experience for kept riding free buses.

Reunion started in time when I got back. Kith and friends were mushrooming around. Poor guy, I know no one. We were divided into groups. Kuan Sim, Zheng Yang and I made it into the same group together with some unknowns.

We experienced a downpour right after devoured the buffet prepared. Venue switched to classroom in academic block.

This reunion was undeniably better than the last one. Again, morale dance. Time to get high! The atmosphere was getting hot with respect to time. The morale dance I hate the most is 'fei xiang yang guang fei xiang ni'. Got tickled until couldn't breath.

Jovie damn excited(2 sec video)

MyBox KTV after Reunion

One thing I can conclude firmly, RC & RS members really hyper sensitive toward camera lens. Like monkeys. lol.

Lastly must thanks to his hospitality and care. Don't miss me ok?

We deem the reunion a successful and enjoyable event. At least it overwhelm the sadness suffered and get myself revived.

The night I left INTI, suffered from insomnia again. Rural Camp is the event I love the most and it's one of the best event in my life. I miss every single of you. =)

Back in INTI v1

on Sunday, 20 July 2008

I've been craving to get back to INTI since the day we've taken our A-level statement. However, I'd not get back often due to accommodation matter. Don't feel like 'kacau' people. But I do miss that place, a place full of memorable nostalgia.

An invitation email about RC & RS reunion was a pleasant news for me indeed. I'm telling INTI friends. Yes, I am going back!

It was a very happy journey, all the way I were anticipating the moment where we can gather back together regardless clubs, RC or A-level buddies.

Friday, I rushed to Mid Valley to meet Cecilia and her friends. She brought me to her new room. Wow, really small!! In fact, TINY. Never mind, it suit CC. I paid a visit to her new campus Sunway UC. Quite a nice place too. Very cold library and sumptuous washroom. Don't understand why CC keep complaining. =P

Cecilia and Ai Mei(if not mistaken)

Unbelievable, we took FREE INTI bus back to nilai from subang. lol. CC really terror. She said no need to pay but normally I will buy ticket. Fortunately the driver didn't check. We rided an "Eight King Car".

Nilai smell nice. We arrived around 8pm. After dinner we had a stroll around the campus. Guess what, the probability to meet a friend from block A until block H is almost 0.01. Gosh, all new faces. Not like last time, 10 steps 1 Hi, 20 steps 'keng kai', 30 steps kena drag out and 'yum cha'. Felt so strange.

We called Jovie out. Forced him play Haunted Mansion. It cost us 5 bucks each. =.=''

The event covered a very large area including MPH and the corridor we used to organize this event. CC, Jovie, Soon Lee and I went in together. It was a funny experience because we pretended couldn't find the exit and reluctant go out(due to 5 bucks) then we got chased by committee. And 3 of helpers couldn't stand when we mimiced them to pray around the grave, they just laughed.

Overall, we were not satisfied of the committee that hit Jovie and chased us out. But since the VOC Wai Mae gave Jovie and I each person 1 kiss. So I forgave them.

11.50pm. Sad news arrived. Teckie said she can't attend the reunion. Sigh.

After back from 'yum cha' with Jenna and Wee Kang. The guard of block K blocked me! We argued about 10 minutes and she wanted to bring me to see her supervisor. I created a ridiculous story to cope the impromptu situation. Luckily I persuaded her to meet Jovie first whom I already told him to retell my ridiculous story. haha. PASSED!!

That night I slept in Jovie's room. I used the sleeping bag keng wei used before. No wonder can smell keng wei around. lol. Then we pillow talk!! 2 'ma lat lou' pillow talk!! lol.....

to be continue..

p/s: due to some pictures of reunion not yet fully collected.

To : 2nd Rabbit

on Sunday, 6 July 2008

I can remember vividly the first time we get to know each other in STACT committee camp. She was my 'angel' which carried the obligation to take care of her 'rabbit'. The tie of friendship between us began right that day. All the while, she has been a very nice and caring person. Oh ya, a very smart girl too. Keep'on scoring A's only, B means nothing for her.

As a Rural Camp member, of course she dropped into my trap to join the really meaningful camp. Like what Kuan Sim and I did to our classmate. Very jingak. Well, the camp applied the same 'angel and rabbit' system as the previous. During the drawing session, coincidently, I became her 'angel'. Swapped positions. It was so unbelievable.

Someday, she asked me what was in mind when saw her name. I just smiled. Aiks, should have give the answer - Fate.

If not mistakenly, I think both of us have taken pictures during STACT 'angel & rabbit' revelation, Rural Camp 'angel & rabbit' revelation, Installation Night and etc. But I don't know why I don't have a single copy of it. So I made an embossment for her.

Really feel fortunate and please to have she to appears as part of my storyline in the college. The one who talk good about me in front of others and gave me a big cuddle when I was in depression.

Frankly, I did nothing much for her.

Hope she can take good care of herself in Queensland. Have a smooth flight. All the best!

Goodbye my Dear Rabbit.

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