on Monday, 4 January 2010

Warning! This is my first attempt. Hopefully nobody will rush to the toilet after taken it.

I like to bake and I like to do cookies since I was little. The very last time I baked an egg tart was black in color. Genius me.

But now, time prove everything. I am now declaring myself a professional.

I have made a cheesecake and I'll show you how it's been done.

Recipe(for 1kg):

- Butter 200gm

- Cheese 500gm

- Sugar 150g

- Lemon 2 tbsp

- Gelatin 2tbsp (+ 100ml water)

- Biscuit 1pack

- Milk 160ml


1) Dissolve gelatin powder in hot water.

2) Break the biscuits into powder shape.

3) Blend the biscuits together with butter.

4) Blend cheese together with powder sugar.

5) Add milk, gelatin & lemon into the cheese mixture.

Main character (Marble Cheese)

Co-star (Oreo Cheese)

Specially for KN.Tan (Pinocchio Cheese)

Specially for Leng Lui (I Heart U)

I was told that it could be done in an hour but due to big "mouses" playing around with the cheese, we further delayed it for 2 hours.

After chilled for a night, the cakes are well-prepared and I would said it's pretty successful.

Luckily I not planning to open a shop, otherwise SR shall prepare to close down.


[-sukyee-] said...

Ohh...that Oreo Cheesecake reminds me of my own Oreo Cheesecake. It's so nice..Can I have one for my birthday?? And you got potential to open a shop don't worry:)

P/S: try putting blueberry paste on top next time:D

Joey said...


tc said...

sy - u also got oreo cheesecake? lol.. come exchange.. can can.. u gimme yours on my bday i give u mine on your bday.. btw.. do u see a dark spot on marbel cheese? that was blueberry.. accident.. hahaa..

joey - wat so sneaky.. the last 1 is specially for u..

Joey said...

>.< im so touched...

tc said...

joey - don cry.. T_T

Test Paper said...

Nice post.

Pass4Sure said...

Thank you very much for this recipe.It is really very delicious. I love cheesecake.

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